Making something old look like new again.

Own the bike you always wanted but couldn’t afford new. Relive a bit of your younger years. Straddle a true classic that runs like new.

  BMW Motorcycle
  BMW Motorcycle

Iron Horse Motorcycles can help fully restore a bike or freshen up a daily drive. Each project is unique but here’s the general process:

  1. The client must own the vehicle that is to be restored.
  2. Once the scope of the project is agreed upon, we require a deposit to cover an approximated month's labor and materials This deposit will be $3,000.00 and must be paid before any work is undertaken on the project rebuild. This deposit may be rapidly depleted if the motorcycle requires more costly restoration because of the bike's condition. It is recommended that the client monitor the progress of his machine with bi-monthly email updates to keep the project funded.
  3. In the event funds are not available to move forward with the project, all work will cease, and the vehicle will be placed in storage. All interest on unpaid balances and storage billings will be charged to the clients account.

Contact us to discuss your specific restoration needs.